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Does the slow pace of decision making in your organization frustrate you?

The Only Thing Wrong With Having Nothing To Show For The Time Spent Spinning Your Wheels In Endless Meetings… Is Thinking There’s Nothing You Can Do About It…

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Introducing “Compression Planning”


Dear Frustrated Decision Maker,

It’s hard to believe the staggering number of days wasted…the opportunities lost without a “snowball’s chance” of ever seeing a plan come to life—as often happens in the typical “old school” style of meetings.

Considering how many hours you spend locked in grueling meetings of marathon proportions, what’s amazing is your perseverance and ability to withstand the stress, weather the conflicts, and endure yet more cumbersome meetings time and time again.

Isn’t it about time you tried a fresh approach? To invest not only in yourself, but in the vast untapped human potential of everyone involved. In your ability to zero in on the clear purpose of your planning sessions…easily unearthing the most incredible outcomes… leveraging the inherent potential for extraordinary results from the very heart of your organization.

The good news is now there’s a surprisingly energizing process that will help you…

Easily Achieve Actionable Decisions
A Minimum Of 30% FASTER Than Before!

Understand, I’m not talking about shaving a few minutes off of a meeting so you can beat a path out the door a bit more quickly. (As much of a relief as that might seem to be at the moment.) I mean transforming endless hours spent spinning your wheels in meetings into the kind of dynamic and inspired launch pad for action you’ve always wished for…but thought few could ever achieve.

It’s not only possible (as evidenced by the comments surrounding this letter)…when you tap into the power of Compression Planning, it’s a reliable reality.

For starters, you could be a whopping 30% ahead of the game by implementing the powerful strategies of Compression Planning I’ll recommend. (Without having to arm wrestle anyone into submission!) And that’s the bare minimum… many of our clients report up to 50%... even a staggering 75%... savings in time to completion. With the step-by-step process I’ll share, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


“Compression Planning really levels the playing field, and one of the things people like best about the process is its fun! Many, many times I hear “This is the best planning session I’ve ever been in.” It spans the gap for everyone. If you’re no-nonsense, you’ll like it for that reason. If you’re creative, you’ll like it because it allows you to be very creative and open to a lot of different directions.”

Peter Hughes
Vice President
Business Development
Advocate Health Care
Oak Lawn, IL

“Compression Planning puts tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks.

The group knows it’s going to be quick, and there’s going to be some action to it. It’s not going to be a lot of verbiage. It’s impossible to stay uninvolved in the process, so you move forward quickly. I’d say on average, we save anywhere from 50% to 60% over time.”

Joe Fonte
Human Resources Manager
Operations Training
Delphi Electronics and Safety, Kokomo Operations
Kokomo, Indiana

“Every time I’ve used Compression Planning, it’s been a huge time-saver for the participants. I’d say absolutely 75% savings in time.”

Jay Duffy
Director, Executive Development and Leadership
Bayer Corporation
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

“I’ve had the hardest core, most unbelieving people come into this process and think they’re just going to come and sit there. But before it’s over, everybody gets involved. It’s an infectious kind of thing. It really is fun!

Sula Hurley
Director of
Planning and Grants
Greenville Technical College
Greenville, South Carolina

Because suddenly, when the “light bulb goes off”… with that “ah-ha” moment for the participants in your meeting, you’ve got a powerful action plan. Consensus is rapidly achieved. The kind of “ownership” in the decision making process that enables your organization to grow.

As a matter of fact, once you’ve got this process under your belt…

Meetings Can Actually Become FUN!

Don’t laugh. Now, as tens of thousands before you have done, you can unleash the considerable fire power of human potential. I’ve seen it countless times in my 30+ years of face to face planning sessions. It’s a rich hidden resource that may be lying dormant in your organization, but is just within your grasp. In fact, I suspect you’ve been struggling with exactly how you could do this for a very long time.

Sadly, far too often, charting a productive course in your meetings can seem as futile as rowing faster on the Titanic.

Look, it’s not your fault. Quite simply, you’ve probably never had the opportunity to find a better way… until now.

When you introduce Compression Planning to critical business and organizational issues, here’s what will happen. In a fraction of the time it used to take (if you ever got there at all!)…

  • You’ve easily created an energized, innovative plan, ready for implementation.
  • Thorny issues have been smoothed into submission… almost like magic.
  • Your usual “trouble makers” have morphed into cooperative contributors (without quite realizing what hit them!).
  • “Back row snoozers” become inspired wide-awake participants, without a cattle prod!
  • Problems that previously weighed on you like anchors, have given way to “full steam ahead” with creative solutions.
  • And the best part is—now it’s “all hands on deck” for every person at the table. They are fully invested in the outcome.
  • The powerful result? Enthusiastic ownership for decisions blooms exponentially throughout your organization. Your organization is a ship in full sail… in a minimum of 30% less time GUARANTEED!

I’m Jerry McNellis, your Compression Planning Mentor and Guide.

I’ve been sharing the power of Compression Planning with people just like you for over thirty years. My highly trained team of experts helps people all across the country implement Compression Planning in their organizations. And I know once you experience the impact of this powerful system for yourself, you’ll already be ahead of 90% of the decision makers you know.

And yes, our participants really do say the process is actually FUN!

But make no mistake. This isn’t lighthearted entertainment, or a pleasant way to escape the confines of your office for a few hours.

Compression Planning Is A Powerhouse of Efficiency
That Fuels Effective Decision Making
In A Fraction Of The Time

As a child, Jerry McNellis experienced a challenge that defined the rest of his life in the most positive way.

He contracted polio. In fact, Jerry spent at least five years of his childhood confined to a hospital.

Forced by a wayward virus to look inward for his adventures, Jerry developed an unshakable resilience and curiosity about life. His parents taught him there were simply no limits to what he could accomplish.

Rather than being defeated or demoralized by his unusual circumstance, it became a powerful springboard for his life.

And when his innovative father introduced him to a book on creative thinking…the rest as they say, was history.

Jerry’s mind and spirit bloomed fully. In fact, at the age of 12, Jerry was already leading his first structured creative thinking sessions. Here’s what happened…

Charged with the task of raising $40 to buy equipment for Boy Scout camp, Jerry’s insights led the kids in his patrol to raising $400, ten times more than the original goal!

Then, by the age of 28, he was mentored by one of the most creative minds of modern times, the creator of “displayed thinking®” for Disney, Mike Vance. The innovative result? Compression Planning was born.

Jerry’s specialty is helping organizations cut through the clutter to laser in on a strategic target incredibly quickly and effectively.

His warm down to earth approach combines a transformational process for strategic thinking and decision making into a surprisingly easy to understand process.

And what his clients have discovered is...

Compression Planning is critical for resolving complex issues in record time.

The proven results speak for themselves. Actionable plans 30-75% FASTER, massive savings to your bottom line, and employees who are frequently 100% vested in the outcome.

According to Project Management Network Magazine, over 30% of organizational projects end up being cancelled before completion. Not only that, more than half run as high as a whopping 190% over budget…and 220% over the original time estimate!

You don’t have to be a math whiz to understand these shocking statistics. The overwhelming deluge of “going nowhere fast” dead-end projects costs you a ton of money and deeply impacts productivity in your organization.

And given the current state of the global economy and cut-throat international competition, you cannot afford to be trailing behind the pack. The incredibly reassuring fact is, if you are open to collaborative thinking…

Compression Planning’s Power Works!

Quite simply, Compression Planning is a powerful process that cuts through the clutter and chaos of meetings, and leverages collaborative time for maximum productivity.

You’ll literally “compress” the time spent wandering on the long road to decision making into a stunningly streamlined process that catapults your organization to targeted action. Rarely is there an effective planning method that is literally “one size fits all.” But in fact, that is precisely what Compression Planning is.

But I must admit, Compression Planning is not for everyone.

If you’re the type who owns a mug emblazoned “Me Boss -You Not”, love to stand at the front of the room with your Power Point presentation and reign supreme as the voice of authority at every turn (while others obediently agree)… this isn’t for you.

But if you’re the type who understands that collaborative thinking can unleash the creative initiative of everyone in your planning process, and leverage that power into a comprehensive action plan… you’ll love Compression Planning.

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of employees…a major university…or a Fortune 500 corporation… Compression Planning works as predictably as the sun rises each day.

Compression Planning levels the playing field like no other technique for decision making. It gives everyone a voice, and short circuits the “fear factor” of expressing your ideas.

Here’s what I mean…

  • You can easily use Compression Planning anytime, anyplace… without costly software, computer technology, or even extensive knowledge of the subject at hand. All you need is the ability to think and trust the process. It’s as easy as boarding a train at the station and predictably arriving at your destination.
  • Compression Planning is flexible to your particular situation. You can readily adapt the strategies to meet your specific planning needs. Wave goodbye to rigid structures that demand you complete “step one” before can move to “step two” and still get results in a fraction of the time.
  • Planning that previously could take weeks, months, or years is frequently compressed to one day or LESS. Key personnel traveling long distances to participate will drastically reduce time out of the office. Common ground is reached quickly—decisions made—funds ultimately raised—business strengthened.
  • Compression Planning Skills are quickly assimilated and understood. You’ll be able to put the process to work immediately and harvest the benefits for your organization. And once you do, you’ll realize applications for Compression Planning are unlimited.
  • Compression Planning reaches across all boundaries and levels of authority to include everyone… from the commonly “disenfranchised”… to CEO’s and Boards of Directors. The powerful result… 100% ownership of the end product, with dramatic increases in morale, accountability, and commitment to the profitable results for your organization.

In other words, you’ll be able to focus on the final outcome, rather than constantly fighting your way through a gauntlet of distractions.

“Compression Planning lets you attack the problem, instead of the problem attacking you!”

Sherida Gentry
Murray, Kentucky

“We would like to thank you for the excellent Compression Planning training at the Regional Learning Alliance. It certainly lived up to, and exceeded our expectations! Since we have returned to our jobs, each of us has been finding ways to use the technique. We have used the feedback from our Compression Planning sessions, and are happy to report one of us was able to turn a report around within 24-hours of returning to the office.

Last week, all of us conducted a planning session for a purchase. Our Vice President was very impressed, and approved our top of the line recommendations! We greatly appreciate the time, energy, depth of knowledge and experiences, enthusiasm, interest, and caring that all of you demonstrated."

Roland Baeslach, Michelle Noel, Shelly Straight
Internal IT Consultants, Key Bank ~ Cleveland, OH

I promise you, once you experience the phenomenal power of Compression Planning firsthand, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional planning structure. Fair warning though…you’ll find you can barely endure the “dead zone” of traditional meeting formats ever again once you become a Compression Planning “convert”!

No matter how monumental or unusual the task…

From Community Building To Multi-Million Dollar Sales…
You’ll Get The Job Done Quickly!

A Compression Planning Workshop is easily the most immediately profitable investment you could make in your business or organization.

Here’s a sampling of what a mere 2-1/2 days of Compression Planning training has meant for our clients, even in the most strenuously difficult circumstances…

  • A major international airport successfully launches muscular emergency contingency plans, even in the incredible complexities of post 9/11 and Homeland Security issues. Not only that, they dramatically streamline their budget planning strategies and achieve clearly defined common goals between territorial departments.
  • One of North America’s largest publishers launches a new promotion after a Compression Planning session. The result? $1,000,000 in sales in less than one week. (When usual first week launches typically average $35,000!)
  • Total grant funding routinely exceeds annual benchmarks of more than $5,900,000 per year.
  • In a short 1-1/2 days, 20 doctors and teachers in a large Midwestern medical school forge a complex strategy for the school’s division of Internal Medicine.
  • An incredible 73% funding success rate for a community college.
  • Three-year average return on investment of 45:1, or $45 earned for every $1 invested!
  • A community group has been bogged down for two years, trying to develop a new program. After one 2-hour Compression Planning session, a new program is launched, and funding is in place.
  • An 18-month planning cycle, involving 15 participants is compressed to 12-weeks… with half the number of committee members.
  • Grants written using Compression Planning raise approximately $2,500 an hour!
  • A private school fundraiser rakes in $640,000 in 3 hours… total expense to implement—a miniscule $900! (Previous efforts raised only $60,000—with an overwhelming expense of $40,000—a self-defeating two-thirds of their fund raising down the tubes.)
  • 300 volunteers mobilize into action to clean up a town after a devastating tornado. The mayor worries it will take at least six months to accomplish. With Compression Planning, disaster relief is completed in an astonishing six days.
  • A meeting of 10 college’s decision makers successfully hammers out a $3,000,000 grant in one afternoon, with complete consensus.
  • Client receives 98% positive feedback from all participants, every single time Compression Planning is used as his meeting format.
  • 50 school system Administrators meet for strategic planning for the entire school year. What normally would have taken weeks or months is accomplished in one 8-hour session.
  • Compression Planning is used in international meetings with non-English speakers… language barriers are overcome with tremendous success.

And these incredible results are not the exception. Our files are literally overflowing with success stories that have sprung forth from Compression Planning sessions. Click here to some of our success stories

From multi-billion dollar international companies to local church groups…it works. Because once you’re onboard with the strategies of collaborative thinking…

Compression Planning Is “One Size Fits All”!

It’s true! If you can see the value of collaborative thinking, and are open to the process, Compression Planning bridges any kind of boundary.

It doesn’t matter what your organization is, what your ultimate purpose is, or what your educational background may be. Whether you’re a starchy “no nonsense” type, or a completely free-thinking innovator…or somewhere in between… Compression Planning is the perfect fit if you are willing to become fully engaged in the method.

The beauty is, there is tremendous flexibility in the process. Once you understand how Compression Planning works (and we’ll make that absolutely easy for you!), all you have to do is trust the strategies, and it will get you where you need to go.

You see…

Compression Planning Levels The Playing Field

It’s amazingly effective for bringing diverse people from different areas or different levels of authority together within the framework of an organization and generating rock solid results.

Preconceived agendas are deflated in favor of the agreed upon focus. The process is the vehicle, and participants literally find it impossible to stay uninvolved. Everyone is heard, and every idea is valued. And the exciting part is… there is a structured process that quickly emerges and lasers in on your target with uncanny precision.

The breathtaking result is the sudden realization that…

You Have A Rock Solid Actionable Plan,
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Compression Planning is a powerful process that points combined energy and innovative thinking at your “true North.” High voltage ideas erupt to the surface, like rich cream rises to the top. You can jump in with both feet, and hit the ground running, because the process will take you to your ultimate desired outcome… quickly, effectively, and at least 30% faster.

All the stress, frustration, and chaos of endlessly unproductive planning sessions and unfulfilled projects evaporates for good, instantly replaced with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Each person clearly sees exactly where they fit in the greater scheme of things, and feels good knowing they have a voice.

Every participant has taken ownership of the outcome. They have been heard. Compression Planning consistently proves the whole is truly greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Compression Planning gives you a reliably structured way to pull all of the pieces of information together, clarify what’s next, recognize what’s missing, and implement an action plan. And the incredible thing is… all the potential was at your fingertips all along.

And along with the desired results of overcoming the numbing ineffectiveness of meetings in general, you’ll find another surprising outcome…

Compression Planning Opens the Door To The Vast
Untapped Human Potential in Your Organization

Consider the surge in employee morale and participation when they are invested in the outcome. When you tap into the potential in each person with clear communication, and what they quite literally bring to the table, the process becomes quite amazing.

And once that door has been opened, there’s no going back. It keeps on getting better, and it keeps on growing. There’s a revitalizing current of energy flowing through the people in your organization that was never there before. It takes on a life of its own, and galvanizes the very core of your organization with positive attitudes and actions.

But please, don’t just take my word for it! Take a moment to read the words of other key leaders who have used Compression Planning. Keep in mind what results like these could do for your organization. It could make all the difference to the legacy of your company, and to your profitable bottom line.

At the McNellis Compression Planning Institute we equip individuals and teams, within your company or organization, to apply Compression Planning on an ongoing basis to tackle your critical issues.

We’ll show you how engaging it is to use and lead the Compression Planning process for virtually any business or personal planning challenge. It’s incredibly enlightening, even enjoyable. And you’ll never have to suffer through another dead-end meeting again. Matter of fact, I guarantee you’ll soon be enthusiastically sharing the muscular method of Compression Planning with others too!

Also think about this. Out of 652 Compression Planning graduates surveyed, 91% were actively using the process following training. It’s just that powerful, and that easy to implement.

As you can see by our client comments, Compression Planning training is literally…

2-1/2 Days That Can Dramatically Impact
The Effectiveness Of Your Organization

I must tell you that Compression Planning really has to be experienced first hand. It’s the only way you’ll understand its multi-dimensional power.

But we realize it’s a serious commitment of your time and your resources. And we don’t want anything to keep you from discovering the stunning effectiveness of utilizing Compression Planning to chart a course for your business. It’s an investment that could deeply impact the entire destiny of your company or organization and pay you back a thousand times over.

So we’ll take all the risk out of it for you with our…

No Questions Asked, Put-It-To-The-Test,
12-Month 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Participate in one of our Compression Planning Workshops at the Compression Planning Institute. If after 12 full months, you can’t honestly say that using Compression Planning fully engaged your planning team…got everyone on board with clear focus…and resulted in an action plan that everyone understood and “owned”…if you can’t honestly say that you have shaved the time from Idea to Action by at least 30%... we don’t want your money!

Just let us know. We’ll cheerfully refund every dime, and we’ll part as friends. I think you’ll agree this is more than fair, and removes every ounce of risk for you.

All that’s left for you to do is step off the dead-end meeting treadmill and take action now.

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Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

There are 3 easy ways to contact me.

1. Pick up the phone and CALL me at 1 (800) 569-6015

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We’ll schedule a time to talk together about your organization, the kind of collaborative work you do, and what your immediate needs are.

I’ll make it easy for you to understand exactly how Compression Planning works, and what it can do for your business or organization. Then we’ll go from there.

There’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you’ll find the conversation we have to be deeply illuminating and enjoyable. I’ll answer any questions you may have. And I promise… you’ll look at decision making and problem solving—as well as strategic and project planning—in a whole new light by the end of our chat.

That’s all there is to it!

Right about now, you may be thinking you have more questions about how Compression Planning works. And perhaps you’d like to get some answers right this very minute.

No problem. Just fill in the form below with your first name, and your primary email address, and click on the “Tell Me More Jerry” button below. You’ll have instant access to our free report “The Four Powerful Action Steps Of Compression Planning”. You’ll get a quick overview of the nuts and bolts of Compression Planning, as well as read more fascinating success stories from our clients.

I’m eager to help you get started, so please don’t delay. Call now, while it’s fresh in your mind.


To Your Compression Planning Success,


Jerry McNellis


P.S. You know, I have to admit sharing the power of Compression Planning is my passionate mission in life. Because I’ve seen firsthand how powerfully this technique changes lives. Compression Planning can make all the difference to your company or organization…and even positively impact your personal life in astounding ways as well. Please don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Call [insert phone number] today.

P.P.S. Many of our clients say “We should be running the entire country with Compression Planning!” I think you’ll agree when you experience it for yourself. It is an extremely powerful democratic process, with tremendous potential to do good in the world. The uses of Compression Planning are unlimited. Check us out, and see for yourself.

P.P.P.S. Did you know the average executive spends 23 hours per week in meetings? But that's not all…Managers spend fully [insert number of hours], and Professionals another [insert number of hours] per week as well. It's shocking! You can give yourself the gift of 30% more time with Compression Planning. As you can see by the surrounding letters from our clients, some gain up to 75%! You can too. It all starts with a phone call to us at 1-800-569-6015.

P.P.P.P.S. At McNellis Compression Planning, our team helps great leaders tap into a systematized decision making process, exactly as appropriate for your organization. To optimize the effectiveness of Compression Planning for your team…

We’d be happy to arrange for an offsite retreat for your Compression Planning experience.

Discover how we help great organizations like the Cleveland Clinic, Lenscrafters, and General Mills put the right people into the right place at the right time, and how we can help your organization do it too.

Whether you’d like us to meet with you one-on-one, or with your key decision making teams, McNellis Compression Planning will come to you. As a matter of fact, Compression Planning is so incredibly flexible, we’ve successfully led as many as 500 people in one planning session, with outstanding results!

Our team of Compression Planning experts will focus 100% on critical issues in your organization and get the job done. You’ll walk out with the answers you’ve been looking for, set to spring into action fast and effectively. Call 1-800-569-6015 for more information.


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