Right about now you might be wondering…

What The Heck Is
Compression Planning?

Compression Planning is a proven system that uses four powerful steps to cut through the clutter and distractions that can bog down decision making and strategic planning.

In a nutshell, Compression Planning leverages collaborative time, so you can make
better decisions much faster than ever before.

The best part is, the process gets everybody on the same page, fully involved in the outcome. And even more encouraging…the process is actually enjoyable!

Compression Planning has grown out of more than 30 years experience with face to face coaching of key decision makers. Basically, the process transforms the concepts of creative brainstorming and storyboarding originally used by the Walt Disney Company into a simple, easily understood process.

A core element of the Compression Planning system springs from the same strategies used by Disney’s creative team. In fact, it’s said they had the entire plan for Disneyland in place in only ten days, using this foundational technique!

Since 1978, Founder Jerry McNellis and his first-rate team of Compression Planning experts have been helping diverse organizations think smarter and move faster when planning and executing their critical projects. As a matter of fact, Compression Planning is…

A Surprisingly Simple Transformational
Decision Making Process For Your Organization

But make no mistake…the power of Compression Planning is tremendous! Using the concept of “storyboarding” is a key foundation of the process. But unlike the image that may come to mind of animation, or drawing cute little pictures, storyboarding is a visually displayed platform for ideas and concepts. And while storyboards are the “hardware” for the method, Compression Planning is the essential “software” that drives strategic decision making and brings your projects to life.

The magic of storyboarding is that it fully utilizes multiple avenues of learningvisual, kinesthetic, and auditory. That means, everyone can relate to this method of communication and understand it! No matter what your learning style is, you’ll find a safe harbor in Compression Planning.

Every Compression Planning session is customized to meet your unique objectives. But there are very specific steps that are crucial to every session. You’ll quickly meet your unique objectives when our team guides you through…

The Four Powerful Action Steps Of Compression Planning

While these four steps may sound remarkably easy, you do need to be trained by skilled professional mentors and coaches to implement each step effectively. It’s easy to learn, and quite literally can change the destiny of your organization or company.

It All Begins At The McNellis Compression Planning Institute

If you are open to collaborative leadership, there is NO company or organization that cannot benefit from Compression Planning training!

We’ve worked with groups as diverse as Lenscrafters, General Mills, the Cleveland Clinic, community colleges, major universities, General Motors, health care systems, utility companies, Habitat for Humanity, religious organizations , Agora, one of the largest publishing companies in North America, computer software developers, the Department of Justice, and parochial schools.

We train individuals and teams, within your company or organization, to apply Compression Planning on an ongoing basis to tackle your critical issues.

Our workshops teach you, and your team members, how to use and lead the Compression Planning process for virtually any business or personal planning challenge.

As a matter of fact, in a survey of 652 alums, a whopping 91% were actively using the process following their training. We guarantee you will cut the time it takes to get from Idea to Action by at least 30%.

Read on for a small sampling of our amazing Compression Planning success stories!


What Leaders are saying about McNellis Compression Planning!


Doug Hall, Founder and CEO of the world famous Eureka! Ranch

…uses the system to plan every inventing project he conducts for his impressive client list: Nike, Walt Disney, Ford Motor Company, American Express, Hewlett Packard.

“Our work teams find this remarkable system has documented bottom-line results:

• Time to completion drops an estimated 50%
• Errors and mistakes drop an estimated 40%

Most importantly, a sense of total ownership for the process grows among
employees ‘10 fold.’

What makes this system particularly unique in today’s over tech world is that it does this without the use of a computer, without any costly hardware.

What used to take us weeks now takes hours with the ‘thinking technology’ that drives the Compression Planning system.”

Joe Fonte, Delphi — [insert dollars] Automotive Electronics
Manager of worldwide engineering training and organizational development

“I led a Compression Planning session with a group of 60 at a global conference. Our focus was to rework the Product Development Process.

We reduced the cycle time of the original process by 30%, achieving a $1.5 million saving per year. We planned it in a little over a day.”

Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz — Physician & Former Associate Executive Director for Planning and Strategic Initiatives
McGill University Health Center in Montreal Quebec

"The project we’ve been working on is the merger of five McGill University-affiliated hospitals. These facilities have been merged voluntarily under one new board and one administration. We have established one new hospital. The complexity of merging five cultures required an approach that would guarantee that everybody’s voice was taken into account. Everybody had different expectations and fears, and it was a bring all of it to one shared vision.

If we didn’t have the Compression Planning methodology to guide us, we’d still be at square one.”

Deb Skovron — Skovron Associates
Organizational consultant, trainer, and facilitator

“The Boulder-Denver Jewish population is the fastest growing in the U.S. Five years ago a group of leaders in the Boulder Jewish community said, ‘We need a way to bring this community together. We need to provide for all organizations in a much more collaborative way and work together more efficiently in terms of space and resources.’

Compression Planning got the process moving. In the past groups came to sessions like this with different agendas, and things never moved off center. We storyboarded the whole thing, and today there is a Jewish Community Center — exactly how it was conceptualized the first day.”

Neil Herbkersman — Director of Grants Development
Sinclair Community College (Dayton, Ohio)

Neil recounts how Compression Planning helped as Sinclair Community College officials worked with counterparts at the University of Dayton to prepare and submit a grant application:

“We met for a three-hour storyboarding session, made a “go” decision, determined which college would submit the grant, and identified the key players and topics. We received a $5 million grant—the largest that had ever been awarded to a two-year college by the National Science Foundation.

We academics have a reputation for discussing things to death. We are exceptional at sitting around and admiring the problem. We want to look at all possible options, and we end up solidly bogged down. Compression Planning enabled us to avoid that and quickly focus on the key strategic things.”

Elisa Prout — Sandusky International Inc. — Paper and Roll Technology
Serving the paper industry for more than 100 years

I facilitated five all-day Compression Planning Sessions within the first month following training.

“We were involved in planning a new website. In mid-December, before I went to the Compression Planning training, we still had no website, no real flowchart, no anything! We just couldn’t get ourselves organized or determine what we wanted on our site. We could not get the group on the same page. There was a lot of politics involved. Part of management wanted one thing, the rest of management wanted something else, and it was just a nightmare.

I led a Compression Planning session here and we determined what we were going to do, who was going to do it, and so on. Then we put the plan into action. We went online on December 30th — less than 2 weeks after training!”

Don Moyer — Co-Founder — Thought Form Design Information Architects

Among their many prestigious clients are Hamburger University at McDonald’s, Steelcase, Caterpillar, Fisher Scientific, and Carnegie Museums

I took the class back in the fall of 1988. I still have the binder and still refer to it.
It was probably the most useful seminar in my career. . .stuff I could apply immediately.

“The Compression Planning techniques I learned are key elements in starting our major projects. I see two big benefits of the techniques. One is the ability to compress the time it takes to get started. Without Compression Planning, we could probably collect all that stuff in other ways but it would take longer — in some cases, a lot longer. In other cases it might be impossible.

The second benefit is that Compression Planning helps us reach consensus as a group. It’s essential to get our clients in agreement and in some kind of alignment. The technique does that because all the decisions the group makes are visible and they’re irrefutable. When we have agreement, we can move a project forward.”


You can have similarly incredible results for your organization too!


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There’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you’ll find the conversation we have to be deeply illuminating and enjoyable. I’ll answer any questions you may have. And I promise…you’ll look at decision making and strategic planning in a whole new light by the end of our chat.

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Jerry McNellis

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