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Finally, the secret to creating massive success and happiness…

How 7 Powerful Minutes Can
Transform Your Life!

It’s not “magic” – but it can bring you years of miracles.
It’s not “get rich quick” – but it can unleash torrents of cash.
It’s not “strategic” – but it can blast you to the top in business.
It’s not “determination” – but it can effortlessly make your dreams come true.

What’s the mysterious 7-minute secret that crushes
negative thinking, dramatically boosts self-confidence,
and clears the way to life-long
happiness as easily as breathing?

Read on to find out.

Dear Frustrated Friend,

Seven powerful minutes can change your life.

Do you want to attract more money? Seven powerful minutes can help you create enormous piles of it.

Do you want to find the love of your life? Seven powerful minutes can deliver true love to your doorstep.

Do you want to be the top sales person, with mind-boggling successes over and over again? Seven powerful minutes can bring you more riches and excitement than you ever imagined.

How is it possible for 7 powerful minutes to bring you so many incredible things? How is it possible to transform all of the stresses and frustrations of achieving your dreams in life into raging success in 7 fleeting minutes?

It’s unbelievably simple. These 7 powerful minutes are the basis for giving you everything… and I do mean EVERYTHING… you’ve ever wished for in your life.

Someone recently asked me how I have managed to achieve so much in such a short time. Without a moment’s hesitation, I replied, “EFFORTLESSLY!”

In fact, over the past several years, a staggering number of ordinary people… nice people just like you… have accomplished the most incredible things, earned mind-boggling amounts of money, finally found passionate love, had the most wondrous events unfold right before their amazed eyes, and zoomed to the top of their professions.

Frankly, their friends and family have been baffled as they’ve seen them bound past every single rough patch in their lives.

In fact, these savvy people now always find, even in the face of what they once perceived as “insurmountable” roadblocks… they can easily evaporate ANY negative circumstance… with 7 powerful minutes each day.

Since you’re reading this letter, I believe you are already much smarter than most people. A lot of them would have already deposited this letter into the nearest wastepaper basket. But you’re still here, because you hear that small voice within – the one that whispers to you every single day.

The one that keeps you awake at night saying you were meant for something more than a run of the mill existence. In fact…

You Were Meant To Have An EXTRAORDINARY Life!

I’m Chris Payne, your guide to realising your deepest desires.

And I want you to know, there are phenomenal secrets of purest gold in this letter – secrets so incredibly powerful they can literally transform your life. If you have the proper mindset, you’ll immediately recognise each and every secret as blindingly true.

And the first one is…

You Can Effortlessly Attract Everything You Desire Into Your Life

You see, even though natural talents, massive brains, first-class education, and being born with a silver spoon in your mouth would be very nice to have… not one of these ‘luck of the draw’ things guarantees your happiness and success. As a matter of fact, all of those things won’t get you past ‘Go’, if you don’t have the proper mindset. But once you do have the proper mindset, you will ALWAYS get everything you want… even if right now you think you are the most ordinary person on the planet.

Imagine for a moment, being able to achieve anything you want in life, and never feeling anything but blissfully secure and confident forever more.

With just 7 powerful minutes (3 or 4 in the morning, and 3 again in the evening) you can literally shift your whole reality… flip it on its ear from ‘difficult’ to amazing! Imagine seeing your entire life in a whole new way, from just 7 powerful minutes each day. Truly, you have to experience it for yourself. And once you do, you’ll never be the same again.

Perhaps you think this is an impossible dream, or a fantasy that could never become your reality. But nothing could be further from the truth. And today, I’m going to prove to you that it’s all within your reach… or more accurately… it’s all right between your ears.

You see, the hidden power of your mind is working all the time. FOR you… or AGAINST you. Your thoughts are either powerfully attracting WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT… or forcefully pushing away. There’s no in between or halfway. It’s what you might call a universal law.

And harnessing that power in your life is magical, astounding, and predictably reliable. Because it’s…

Guaranteed To Work As Effortlessly
As The Sun Rises Each Morning

It’s so simple, it’s breathtaking. So simple, you might be tempted to shrug it off as impossible. And that would be the biggest mistake of your life. Why? Because your mind is the gateway to your dreams… you BECOME your focus.

Here’s what I mean…

Try this little experiment for the next 30 seconds. You’ll quickly prove to yourself how powerfully thinking about what you DON’T want to think about will make you think it even more!

Here we go…

Do NOT think of the Eiffel Tower jumping up down, bouncing from one leg to the other...

Hey! I thought I said do NOT think of it. Absolutely don’t even consider how silly this must look.

I could continue… but do you see for yourself what happens when you focus on something you do NOT want in your mind… or your life? Your brain has a ‘mind of its own’!

Look, you don’t have to be a scientific whizz kid to understand the simple facts about how your mind works. But what would happen if you discovered the secret that could instantly light the fuse on your explosive power within? What if you could harness the incredible power of your mind… effortlessly… reliably… and consistently… to flood your life with every exciting possibility you’ve always longed for?

And what if you could do it in only 7 powerful minutes a day? Think about what that would ultimately mean to your life.

In fact, that’s why this message is coming to you exactly at this particular moment. (You do know there are no coincidences, right?) Because now is the perfect time for you to focus your positive inner power, and see for yourself how easily you…

Become The Winner You Were Born To Be!

You can change your life in the blink of an eye… in just 7 tiny minutes a day. Because I’ve finally cracked the code on exactly how you can unleash the power of your mind. It’s so easy, ANYBODY can do it! It’s as simple as understanding a system that works over and over again.

I call it the Effort-Free Life System. And once you plug into your personal power in 7 powerful minutes a day, you’ll be amazed how easily you can…

Zero in with crystal clear focus to fulfil your secret desires whatever they may be… a bank account overflowing with cash… love drawn to you like a heat-seeking missile… the sugar-soft sands of a tropical holiday

Crumble your inner fortress of doubt, fear, and disappointment, and emerge victorious… free of self-defeating thoughts (and behaviours!) that chain you to the past, and keep you from claiming lasting prosperity

Banish the cruel tricks of your mind that constantly paralyse your ability to succeed (Hint: This is crucial to your success! Without it, you’ll unknowingly sabotage yourself at every turn!)

• Plunge into the velvety sanctuary of lasting inner peace so profound, it sends shivers of delight rippling through your body

It’s So Incredibly Powerful, Your Mind Will Become A Lethal Weapon!

Negativity won’t stand a chance when you blast it to kingdom come without batting an eye. Love will fall to its knees before you… your competition will be left dumb-struck by the side of the road. When you laser onto your target with the power of your mind, you will be victorious.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wild-at-heart 20-odd-year-old, or a kindly grandparent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graduate of the school of hard knocks… or have an upper crust education. It doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, bald, short, tall, or just flew in from Mars.

Your life can change effortlessly… almost magically, no matter what.

Maybe right now you see examples of others all around you who seem to have blazed a trail to success, and are basking in obvious prosperity. And perhaps you grit your teeth in frustration (maybe even anger!) thinking, “ Why should they get it all?”

That’s what used to think too. Frankly, Kenny was just another average Joe, frittering away what little money he had. That is, until he blew the hinges off the door to his personal inner goldmine.

“Miraculous Results!”

From left to right: Kenny, me (Chris Payne), my wife Catherine and Kate — celebrating Kenny and Kate getting engaged. Kenny 'magically' met Kate 2 weeks after learning the System.

“I’m living proof that anybody can get what they want in life amazingly fast, simply by following Chris Payne’s breakthrough system. A little over a year ago I was completely messed up, wasting money partying every night to try and forget my frustrating job. I was doing so-so, earning about 35,000 a year. But I hated it, and felt that my life was going nowhere fast.

Thank God I stumbled into Chris Payne. We started talking, and in a few hours, I completely understood his Effort-Free Life System.

I was so excited, I began to use it right away.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous!

In fact here’s what’s happened since April 2004…

1. My earnings have soared to an all time high… 400,000 within 18 months

2. I scrapped my old heap for a brand new BMW X5



3. I went from being a lonely loser to becoming engaged to the woman of my dreams… and I met her only 2 weeks after starting to use the System!

4. We’ve traded our tiny dark flat for a gorgeous new home

My life has changed in more ways than I can possibly begin to list here.

Believe me, if a lazy geek like me can do this… you can too! I’m so grateful to Chris, I promised myself that I’d do whatever I could to help him spread the word about how tremendous this is.

But I don’t blame you a bit if you’re wondering if I’m for real. So here’s a copy of my bank statement. And I’ve even given Chris permission to hand out my private mobile phone number so you can phone me if you get his CDs. Talk to you soon!”

How I Discovered the Effort-Free Life System

It all started in September 2002. For years I’d poured my blood, sweat and tears into trying to help my clients figure out how to get their chaotic lives under control.

I was desperate, burned out, and discouraged. Far too many clients were stuck, as surely as if they were mired down in a gooey swamp of quicksand.

One day I’d just had enough. I retreated into my office, slamming the door behind me. I dragged out every single life-changing tool I’d unearthed over the years. I vowed that I wouldn’t emerge from my lair until I’d created something so earth shatteringly innovative, it would permanently and massively transform the lives of anyone who encountered it.

I flew through books like a man possessed, cramming the wisdom of the ages into my brain. I used powerful mind techniques to unearth my inner innovator. I meditated like an ancient, and scrawled sprawling mindmaps. My team barely saw me.

Three weeks later I jolted awake as a blinding revelation flashed to life. I was brimming with emotion, yet filled with the exhilaration of total clarity, even as my wife and boys giggled over their porridge downstairs.

I had been given the answer!

I suddenly knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, why so many were locked in mortal combat with their own lives – and it was astoundingly achievable to change that forever! I raced to my office, and spent the next 17 days hammering out my discovery on my laptop. Then I ran test after test on small groups of eager volunteers.

Ecstatic with the results, refining and proving my ideas, I buffed off the rough edges until it shone like diamonds. It was immediately so stunningly powerful, clients begged me to share it… and thus the Effort-Free Life System was born.

Discover The Explosive Possibilities

All Kenny did was spend 7 powerful minutes a day with the Effort-Free Life System. And here’s what happened…

He immediately went from feeling like a loser – to being on top of the world. And he’s not a genius with a mega-brain either. The explosive results… Kenny made a truckload of cold hard cash… and found love too!

Anybody can take the same simple steps that led Kenny to his dreams. You can do it too when you unleash the unstoppable power hidden within you… undiscovered… untapped… unappreciated by the rest of the world.

Because when you soak up the powerful techniques already used by thousands to transform their lives, it’s like a magical roadmap to anything you want in YOUR life.

As a matter of fact, even if you barely squeaked through at maths, you’ll quickly become an expert at reprogramming the world’s most powerful computer… your brain! Because…

Your Unique Inner Power Is Absolutely Unlimited!

It’s true! From the day you were born, your brain forms new learning connections at an amazing 3 BILLION per second! And nobody on the planet is using more than a fraction of their astounding potential. Tap into your inner power source and you can achieve anything!

But it’s much more than stuffing a ton of information into your starving brain. Unless you upgrade your powerful computer with “new software” to process input correctly, you’re going to stay stuck in the same familiar rut, year in and year out.

Because right now, your emotions, feelings and memories are dictating every aspect of your life. And I’d be willing to guess you’re still struggling to release the potential you know is crouched just below the surface… and that nobody else recognises.

Maybe you’re afraid you’ve already made too many mistakes, and it’s already too late. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Because no matter where your life has taken you until now…


When You Revolutionise Your Thinking, Everything You Want In Life Becomes Real And Possible

Ask yourself…

Where are you in life right now? Do others drool with envy over YOUR life? Or are you pea-green with envy about others? Are people amazed at how “lucky” you are? Or do you secretly wish others’ “luck” would rub off on you?

Do others admire your obvious success in love, work and lifestyle? Do they wonder how the heck you’ve made all the right moves so quickly? Or sadly, it is the other way around?

When you’re living an Effort-Free Life like the thousands of people I’ve shared the System with… people who have achieved incredible financial rewards and awesome success in their lives… you’ll be envied, admired and respected by almost everyone you come into contact with.

Why? Because when you inflame your desires with the Effort-Free Life System, you’ll have a one-way ticket to the top. Almost overnight, you’ll become a powerhouse of attraction to everything you desire in life – guaranteed.

After all…

Isn’t It About Time You Got YOUR Fair Share?

It’s already working for these fine folks (letters like this pour into my office every day!)

“Income tripled!”




“I used to work at a job that was numbingly boring, because that was all I believed I deserved. I was lost in despair.

Within 4 weeks of beginning using the System, I’ve started a new job, on track to earn THREE TIMES what I earned before! I’ve magically created a beautiful new man in my life. I’m happier than ever, and I’m so easy going. I invited my friend Lisa up to my new flat. ‘Where did this place come from?’ she asked. ‘From Chris Payne,’ I replied!”

Debbie Margolis, Dance Instructor, Manchester

“Earnings more than doubled!”

“Suddenly I began getting lots of new business out of the blue! My income has more than doubled over the last 6 weeks. It’s almost like magic!”

Wendy Barratt, Graphic Designer, Brighton


“Incredibly powerful!”


“I feel so relaxed and at peace with myself, I feel as if I’m walking on air. The Effort-Free Life System is so quick, so clever, so simple, and yet so incredibly powerful. I fully intend using it at every opportunity possible so that my life becomes even more magical than it is at the moment.”

David Hughes, Director, Nightingale-Conant Publishing, UK Division

“Could it really be this easy?”


“This is a magnificent creation. It’s so clear and simple. I’m sitting here enjoying the benefits, rather than moving into my head, thinking: ‘Could it really be this easy?’ It’s lovely to see the clarity that Chris has come to, and his easy way to gain access to the tremendous power that’s really available to each of us.

Paul Scheele, Developer of PhotoReading, Minneapolis, USA

“A wonderful teacher!”


Chris is a wonderful teacher! He’s a living example of freedom and simple joy. In Chris, large intelligence is married to the playfulness of a child – all in one human being.”

Leslie Kenton, best-selling author of more than 30 books, including The X-Factor Diet and Age Power

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Achieving EVERYTHING You Want Is Incredibly EASY…
In Just 7 Effortless Minutes A Day!

Haven’t you struggled against the tide long enough? It drives me crazy to see people sleepwalking through life when I KNOW there’s an exciting transformation in them just BEGGING to be released!

Somewhere within you, the REAL you is SCREAMING for a chance at life. I can practically see you nodding “YES!” as you read this. You know how unfair life can be, and frankly, you deserve better! Maybe deep down inside, there’s even a part of you that sometimes wishes you could scrap it all and start all over again – this time living life on YOUR terms.

I wish I could reach out of this letter and grab you by the shoulders and SHAKE this into you, because you simply must understand this before another day goes by…

It’s Not Too Late To Turn Miserable Failure Into Massive Success!

You CAN have the life you’ve always dreamed of! Because there is more to you than meets the eye – you’re chock full of potential that’s been snoozing far too long. That’s precisely why the universe has pointed your inner compass here at this exact moment.

Imagine how thrilling your life will be when you…

• Become a money magnet to attract wealth so you can finally live in that beach house you’ve always dreamed of, drive your ideal car, and buy anything you want, whenever you want!

Roll out the red carpet for the incredible opportunities that effortlessly fall into your lap, and swoop in like a Hollywood superstar to collect your “Academy Award” of success!

• Suddenly get 100% cooperation from cranky, argumentative, or stubbornly negative people, even if they’ve told you “NO!” over and over again. You’ll swear you’ve discovered a bewitching magic spell!

Unleash the mind-boggling power of your subconscious to influence the behaviours and opinions of others, so they rush to do whatever you want them to do… eagerly, quickly, and completely!

• Radiate confidence and power that embraces everyone you encounter. (Warning: They’ll be so stimulated by the “mental caress” you send their way, you might have to handle a sexy surge in your social life!)

Banish forever feeling intimidated by nasty bosses, rude co-workers, or snotty sales clerks when you disarm their destructive attitudes faster than a Ninja warrior in hyperdrive!

• Evaporate hidden obstacles to your personal success as you magnify your untapped gifts and potential to a pinnacle of power. This “magical math” will multiply your successes faster than a monster computer!

Crystallise your thinking with laser beam focus to easily breathe life into your innermost desires. As surely as a stealth fighter locked on its target, your life will explode with miracles!

• Feel vibrantly unstoppable with revitalised energy and optimum health so you play all day, dance the night away, and still make mad, passionate love till the wee small hours of the morning!

I’m eager for you to celebrate these life transforming results! Because you’ll feel the difference from the very first day. It’s so stunningly simple, you’ll be electrified with excitement!

Because the lack of anything in your life is all in your mind. And your mind is an instrument of power. In the simplest possible terms, what you think becomes your reality.

Grounded in timeless universal law, quantum physics, and life-force energy – you “reap what you sow”. It’s not new, but it is continually forgotten. The amazing truth is, you can…

Join Other Top Achievers In The Winner’s Circle!

Just like a compass point magnetically finds true North…

• If you want financial independence, you’ll attract the perfect opportunity to do what you love and make a bundle of money. You can even tell your boss to take a hike if you want!

• If you yearn to lose weight, you’ll discover the proper mindset that automatically keeps the numbers on your scale dropping until you look as incredible on the outside as you feel in the inside.

• If you want to date someone special, you’ll become instantly irresistible to your perfect partner, as easily and naturally as breathing.

• You’ll finally demolish any perceived “roadblocks” that keep you from having what you want, no matter what’s been holding you back until now!

• You’ll discover how to move forward in utter peacefulness and harmony so that others freely give you what you need. You’ll never again feel like you have to fight tooth and nail to get ahead in life.

Once you unleash your inner power, you will be able to get what you want and need from others, with uncanny predictability, whether it’s a sudden surge in your bank account, a lavish new home, or a smoking hot sex life.

Once you experience the Effort-Free Life System, you will experience utter clarity about your deepest desires – the master key that unlocks the door to what you want – even if right this very moment you are uncertain what that is.

Most importantly, you’ll deeply understand that all you really have is “NOW”, and that it’s never too late to enjoy a happy life. Because with the powerful secrets I am going to reveal to you, you’ll discover that you are just 7 powerful minutes away from the life of your dreams.

Quite simply…

It’s Your Turn To Luxuriate In A Life
Shimmering With Possibility And Prosperity!

There’s no need to apologise for wanting to be successful. And there’s certainly no reason to be shy about embracing what you want. Because you deserve it!

Contrary to what the world would like you to believe, satisfying your desires is not selfish. You were born to be extraordinary… to live in Technicolour… not to settle for a watered down version of existence punctuated by frustration and disappointment.

You’ll soak up these truths as easily as a thirsty sponge… what you once thought were obstacles to your success vanish like a wisp of smoke in the wind. Your dreams will rush to greet you, and you’ll never be turned away from your natural desire to have whatever you want in life.

If you’re still reading this, chances are you are…

Seeking to finally break free from the chains of nagging doubts and crippling fears and willing to passionately embrace abundance…

Sincerely ready to have your potential recognised and blow the lid off to reveal who you really are deep inside…

Eager to leave ordinary in the dust, embrace all of your dreams (even the ones you haven’t dared to say out loud!), and zoom ahead to the life you so richly deserve…

And if you’re open to unlocking your mind, freeing your spirit, and luxuriating in the utter bliss of abundance the Universe has waiting just for you… if you’re willing to devote 7 powerful minutes a day to this spectacular purpose… you’ll love the Effort-Free Life System.

But I must warn you, this isn’t for everyone.

If you’re the type that thinks scoffing down a bag of chips will make you lose weight, a kindly Fairy Godmother will deliver your dreams with a wave of her pudgy hand, or the Good Ship Lollipop is about to set sail to the land of milk and honey… this isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand you’re ready to rock and roll…

All you need to do is be willing to place the first CD in your player, and press the “play” button. And it all begins to happen.

I’ll be waiting for you there. I’ll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step the powerful life-changing secrets that will throw open the shadowed corners of your mind to attract everything you want from life.

It all starts instantly with the first CD when you…

Plug Into The Winning Mental Mindset
That GUARANTEES You Will Get What You Want!

The Effort-Free Life System is a stunningly simple way to automatically reprogram your internal “computer”. Because no matter how many courses or seminars you show up at… no matter how many books you wade through… it’s an inside job.

The truth is that the biggest obstacles standing between you and getting what you want are the limiting beliefs in your mind! And now there’s a way to easily recycle the toxic brain dump of garbage that’s been holding you back. It’s as easy and natural as breathing. And even better, it’s the magical way you used to naturally think as a child, before the world polluted your mind with misguided “grown up” realities!

As Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.” It really is that simple once you tap into the breakthrough secrets that will free you forever.

You’ll be thrilled with how easy it is to…

Transform Your Daily Experiences
From Hum-Drum To Amazing

With the Effort-Free Life System by your side, you’ll burn success into your mind for good! You’ll spring from your bed each morning on fire – fearless, crystal clear, and secure in the knowledge that you have the power and clarity to…

Attract Everything You’ve Always Wanted

Your doubts will vanish. Your worries will disappear. And your spirit will vibrate with deliciously tingling waves of magical excitement and gratitude.

For the first time, your eyes will be open to the miracles that surround you every day. You’ll feel a profound “knowing” deep inside you, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. And you’ll truly realise that you have what it takes to achieve your biggest dreams. What a miraculous feeling that will be! Because…

The Power To Transform Your Life Is As Easy As Breathing…

Here’s proof…

If you think you are somehow “different” and your mind can’t possibly be that powerful, consider this…

Even as you read this, your brain is central control, making sure your heart beats over 100,000 times a day. It continually pumps over 6,000 quarts of blood a day, through a complex roadmap of blood vessels that stretch over 60,000 miles throughout your body.

And it does all this without you ever having to consciously think about it!

Everything about you is a miracle, and there’s even more to come when you access the untapped resources inside you. All you need is a simple system to get there. It’s something anyone can do.

But don’t just take my word for it, because…

It’s Meant To Be Experienced…
And When You Do, You’ll Easily Prove It For Yourself… Try The Effort-Free Life System Free For 61 Days!

If you really want to transform your life, you’ve got to be willing to take action. Otherwise, you’ll keep muddling along exactly where you are now, and you’ll miss out on the real and lasting benefits of the System.

I’ve felt the incredible transforming power in my own life, and shared the joy of so many others who have as well. I want you to experience this too. Because sharing this has become my life’s mission. Together, we could literally change the world into heaven on earth. So I want you to try the Effort-Free Life System for 61 days, as my guest.

Please listen to the entire program, including the bonus CDs. Give the amazing principles and strategies a real workout and test it for yourself.

During your free trial you will discover…

• The single most important thing you must do to that will evaporate your stress, and how this one small shift in your thinking will flood your life with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

• One simple quality that will magically attract abundance into your life. It’s so stunningly powerful; I couldn’t sleep a wink until I’d shocked a hard working waitress with a 600 tip! (Hint: She let this shine through like an irresistible beacon!)

• How, in 2 minutes flat, you’ll effortlessly dissolve negativity completely, and drench your life with miracles.

• The single most crucial thing you must do before you can change your thinking to guarantee your success! (Hint: It’s such an easy “no-brainer”, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it up to now!)

• How to instantly melt away 3 “kiss of death” beliefs that will otherwise freeze you in your tracks, and stop you from succeeding before you even begin.

• The tragically common roundabout view of the world that slams the door on abundance. Quick flip this bad habit on its head, and say hello to prosperity!

• The rock solid foundation, where you must keep both feet firmly planted if you want to transform your dreams into reality.

• How a dying man’s simple view of a blossom made millions see, and can still reach beyond the grave to help you bloom fully too.

The “one” resource you must have if you are ever to achieve your dreams! (This “shortcut-to-success” is crucial… if you don’t have it, you’re not going to get unstuck from your rut… and you’ll never realise the rich potential of your life!)

The most expensive 10-letter word that slithers through your life like a money-sucking snake, swallowing abundance and prosperity before they ever reach your door.

• How the simple words of a brilliant Russian pianist can shine a spotlight on your success, and illuminate your path to prosperity.

• How a clever woodsman’s tree-cutting contest will give you an “unfair advantage” in life, and have you smiling all the way to the bank!

The 2 surprising reasons that affirmations don’t work! You’ll never waste time mumbling meaningless phrases again when you get a load of this – instead you’ll be too busy counting your blessings every single day when you effortlessly plug into your full potential!

• One easy habit that makes such an astonishing difference, it will “wrap its arms around you” like a long lost lover. You’ll hardly believe your eyes when you clearly see how miracles rush to embrace you everywhere you go! (Warning: This is habit forming… the more you feel the tingle of excitement, the more you’ll want to do it!)

How to get everything you want in life… without force, struggle, or unethical behaviour! (It’s something you already say every day. Just redirect this simple skill, and sit back while money, good fortune, and enduring love race to meet you effortlessly!)

You Can Guarantee Your Own Success!

Now is the time to get that “second chance” you’ve always dreamed of.

The Effort-Free Life System is your lifeline to reel in the dreams you thought were gone for good. It will gently and steadily guide you to a personal transformation that feels so incredible, it’ll curl your toes!

It can make a dramatic difference in your life immediately.

You’ll begin to change immediately, you’ll be an entirely new person, bursting with a new sense of excitement and confidence. You know, the system packs such an explosive punch, it really should come with a warning label. You’ll be so utterly transformed from the inside out, your friends will be checking your ID to see if it’s really you!

Right from the start, you’ll start seeing the miracles all around you from the very first day. You won’t be able to miss them, because they’ll practically fling themselves in your path!

This is one of those rare moments in life, where a golden opportunity is handed to you on a silver platter. It’s the smartest, surest, most effortless way to grow into your dreams.

Look, if you know your life could be better than it is now – and it’ll cost you almost nothing to get started – you’d be nuts to pass up this opportunity!

I’ll lay it out step by step for you, so you can see there are…

3 Easy Ways To Get Started Right Away!

and you can try out any Edition at home for FREE: you just pay 4.95 for the courier delivery!!!!

Effort-Free Life STANDARD Edition 4.95 now
– then 197 in 30 days

FIRST, you’ll be guided through the first essential – a brand new process called CAP (pronounced ‘see-ay-pee’) to jumpstart your new life of miracles. You’ll find it very easy… in fact you’ll understand it completely in just 30 minutes!

SECOND, you’ll jump on the fast track to burn this into your mind by listening to a brief “magic bullet” each morning. You’ll be amazed with how energised you feel in only 4.5 minutes!

You’ll master this process within the first 5 days. And you’ll already be seeing so many miracles, you’ll eagerly invest 3-7 minutes a day to keep them coming! You may even find yourself looking for “spare minutes”… in the shower, while driving to work… just so you can rapidly multiply how great you feel!

THIRD, you’ll dive into the rest of your 8-CD set! They’re stuffed with step-by-step guidance with pinpointed strategies for specific areas of your life, from personal relationships to challenges with your health, to money issues.

Why do we give you so much? Because when you jumpstart your life with the Effort-Free Life System, it’s like blowing the hinges off the door to a long forgotten goldmine.

When you step inside, you’ll be overcome with excitement, and thrill to the glistening promise you see all around you. But that’s just the beginning!

Because you’ll instantly realise the monumental difference this will make in your life, and you’ll be hungry for MORE! You’ll want to go deeper into your goldmine to get everything you can. And as you go deeper, you’ll be eager to gather up reliable tools that assure you’ll get everything you want.

That’s exactly what we’re giving you with your complete Effort-Free Life System. Proven tools to maximise your journey to success.

But that’s not all! In addition to your 8 CDs, you’ll get…

a 3-month subscription to the Effort-Free Newsletter* and free accompanying CD (59.85 value)
Exclusive access to the members-only Effort-Free Life Forum (a fabulous online resource to connect with new friends and share your success!)
An attractive 69-page playbook, crammed with illustrations, examples, and easy guides to inspire you
Extremely helpful and friendly “real person” support, just a phone call away (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm)
*(Note: After 3 months your credit card will be charged the discounted price of 19.95 per month to continue receiving your Effort Free Newsletter subscription. If at any time you wish to cancel, simply notify us and we will discontinue your membership immediately.)

Effort-Free Life ~ SILVER Edition 4.95 now – then 5 easy payments of 99.40 starting in 30 days (you save 468.80!)

You’ll get everything in the Standard Edition, PLUS…

Your “Perfect Day Process”: Your 7-minute blast-off to tame any extra challenging days, easily and effortlessly! (29.95 value)
Your “Big Dream Process”: Introduces 3 powerful tools to assure your wildest dreams come true! (29.95 value)
“Bliss and Beyond Bliss”: Easily create a “natural high” in 8 minutes flat, for a light- as-a-feather out of body experience! Leave the cares of the world behind, and say hello to joyful euphoria! (29.95 value)
“Results Booster”: Wave this “magic wand” over any of your other self-improvement sets to make them work like gangbusters! You’ll be thrilled with 5 amazing secrets to getting massive results from PhotoReading, Genius Code, Centerpointe, or any similar personal improvement product! (29.95 value)
2-CD Set “Easy Money: How I Went From Earning 35,000 A Year To Making 86,592 In Five Months”. (who has since skyrocketed to 400,000 a year!) explains how he cracked the code to effortlessly create a jaw-dropping income, perfect relationship, and amazing lifestyle! (This CD Set alone could be worth thousands to you because it includes Kenny’s mobile phone number!) (99 value)
2 Dream Booster Vouchers: Simply write down 2 of your wildest dreams, and the Effort-Free team will help you structure them for success, using our breakthrough
38-point Vision Matrix
. We’ll make sure no stone is left unturned to assure your dreams come true so fast and easily, you’ll be doing the dance of joy! (100 value)
3 Effort-Free Personal Coaching Calls! Three opportunities to schedule focused one- on-one 30-minute coaching calls with your Effort-Free coach. You’ll be guided to easily float into an effort-free state that will skyrocket your success! (450 value)

Total Value: 965.80 You Save 468.80!

Effort-Free Life ~ GOLD Edition 4.95 now – then 7 easy payments of 142.43 starting in 30 days BEST VALUE! (you save 5,111.80!)

You’ll get everything in the Standard and Silver, PLUS…

“Behind closed doors” private one day event!

As a solid Gold member, you’ll bring your greatest challenge and biggest dream to an exclusive one day event.

By the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve conquered Mount Everest single- handedly after we effortlessly free you of all doubt and rocket your self-confidence into the stratosphere.
You’ll spend the day with other successful Gold members, including and Debbie Margolis. (495 value)

One full year of monthly coaching sessions with me!

What would it mean to you to have a personal coach and mentor cheering you on to success? Its value is beyond measure… even Donald Trump had a mentor!

You’ll get my private access conference call number. Then every month, you’ll join me for 90-minutes of sharing, caring and guidance.

Each month we’ll focus on an important topic, plus I’ll answer your most pressing questions.

It’s exciting, inspiring, and powerful! Guaranteed to catapult you into success!

Normally, 90 minutes of my time would run you at least 900, so twelve sessions would set you back 10,800.

Even when I kick in a 75% discount for group coaching, that’s still a 2,700 value!

“Sizzling Relationship” 6-CD Set & Special Report [CAUTION: Adult Content!]

You’ll hear 6-CDs packed with explicit, stimulating instruction on exactly how to create the most mind-blowing sex of your life!

You’ll even eavesdrop on 3 intimate sessions with a real-life couple, and discover how you can effortlessly transform your partner’s response from lukewarm disinterest into scorching desire.

Fair warning though… if you can’t handle intimate conversations that bare all… do not listen to these CDs! (Each CD is clearly labelled “Adult Content”) (299 value)

“Effort-Free Life At Work Play!” DVD or Video

Fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring… you’ll watch as I hand over a 600 cash tip to an unsuspecting waitress!

Discover what she unknowingly did that automatically attracted abundance so insistently, I was practically forced to reward her!

PLUS, see how 2 internationally known genius inventors (who between them have literally changed thousands of lives!) are shocked and amazed when they experience the Effort-Free Life System for the first time!

When you see their reaction, you’ll be even more excited to get started too! (I’m dying to tell you who they are, but I had to twist their arms to let me film them, and I’m sworn to secrecy in this letter!) (99 value)

6 Effort-Free Personal Coaching Calls PLUS one 999 Emergency Voucher!

SIX opportunities to schedule focused one-on-one 30-minute coaching calls with your Effort-Free coach. You’ll be guided to easily float into an effort-free state that will skyrocket your success!

PLUS one 999 Emergency Voucher when you need help “Right Now!” on any issue. You’ll get first priority when you call, and leap to the head of the queue for personal assistance the instant your coach is available! (1,050 value)

10 Amazing Dream Booster Vouchers!

EIGHT MORE than Silver Membership! Simply write down TEN of your wildest dreams, and the Effort-Free team will structure them for success for you, using our breakthrough 37-point Vision Matrix. We’ll make sure no stone is left unturned to assure your dreams come true so fast and easily, you’ll be doing the dance of joy! (500 value)

  PLUS… order your Gold Edition in the next 11 days and you’ll receive a compact, super lightweight “miracle minder” so you can easily attract torrents of prosperity in just 3 minutes a day! (12.95 value)

Total Value: 6,108.80 You Save A Staggering 5,111.80!

In addition, I’m going to heap on…

2 More Fabulous Bonus Gifts!

Bonus Gift #1:

The first 297 orders of any Edition will receive a colourful mug with the inspiring message “I live an effort-free life” emblazoned on the side! Celebrate life every day when you sip your coffee or tea! But you must hurry… we only have 297 mugs left, and when they’re gone… they’re gone. (9.95 value)

Bonus Gift #2:

You’ll get a bonus CD! “Success Secrets of the Happy and Wealthy”. Discover the one key factor blindly ignored by almost everyone in hot pursuit of wealth and success, and how to quickly implement it in your life to achieve miraculous results! (19.95 value)

But wait, there’s one more thing! Order Silver or Gold and get...

A further bonus gift worth 199

That’s right, we’ll include a further gift which LifeTools customers have paid 199 to get – and we know you’ll be delighted with it! But we only have 93 of these left, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so order your Silver or Gold Edition today!

So if you’re honestly ready to change your life, remember the deal…

Try The Course FREE OF CHARGE For 30 Days
– Just Pay Us 4.95 For The Courier Delivery!

That means that if you are sincere in your desire to live the life of your dreams, you can put the Effort-Free Life System to the test for a nominal cost of 4.95!

If you decide to keep the course, 30 days after you order we’ll start charging the course to your card.

And you’ll have my…

100% We’ll-Take-All-The-Risk Guarantee!

Here’s how it works... if, after a total of 61 days in your home, you’re not feeling the difference in your life, recognising miracles, and attracting prosperity, and you decide not to keep the course… no problem: just return it, and we’ll cheerfully refund all monies you have paid for the course so far. We’ll take all the risk, and you won’t lose a penny.

So you see, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Here’s What To Do Right Now…

Click here to order either the Standard, Silver or Gold Edition.

Or you can ring 01189 483444 if you’re in the UK, 011 44 1189 483444 if you’re in the United States or +44 1189 483444 if you’re anywhere else in the world – and ask for either the Standard, Silver or Gold Edition. And the one I recommend the most highly, if you are determined to change your life forever, is the Gold Edition.

We will send you Effort-Free Life on CDs if you do not specifically ask for tapes. If you do want taes, please ensure you ask for them when you order or tick the right box on your order form.

At LifeTools, we love helping you create a life rich with possibilities that truly makes your deepest desires and dreams come true. You can depend on the fact that we are here to support you every step of the way.

I urge you to embrace this phenomenal opportunity to transform your life now. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the Effort-Free Life System will finally unlock the door to getting anything you want out of life.

Wishing you massive and effort-free success,

Christopher Payne
Managing Director of LifeTools

P.S. Don’t delay! Click here to order now. You pay just 4.95 for the courier delivery, and we’ll rush your edition to your door, so you can begin your amazing transformation immediately! And we do mean rush: if you order today before noon and it’s a weekday, you’ll get your course tomorrow (if that’s a weekday too)!

P.P.S. You know… you could spend your whole life struggling to find the key… spending hours and hours each day trying to “discover” your path… and never get any further along.

The Effort-Free Life System is quite literally the missing link to your happiness. You have absolutely nothing to lose… give it a try for 61 days and see for yourself.

P.P.P.S. Remember that if you order Silver or Gold you get a third bonus gift which other LifeTools customers have paid 199 for – but we only have 93 sets left, so order now!

P.P.P.P.S. I’m so convinced that this System will change your life forever that I have just created an astonishing (and perhaps foolhardy) guarantee: We’ll pay you up to 997 if you don’t get miraculous results with the System. That’s right... if, for example, you order the Gold Edition, you follow our step-by-step 31-Day Challenge, and you don’t feel you’re getting at least 10 times the price of the course in terms of money, happiness, peace of mind, etc – we will pay you back any money you have paid for the course PLUS we’ll send you a cheque for a further 997!

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