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You’re not alone, and you CAN recover from your miscarriage…

At Last There’s A Way To Find The Compassionate Support You So Desperately Need. Here’s How A Heartbroken Florida Psychologist Survived 2 Miscarriages In One Year And Thankfully Discovered The Powerful Secret To Lasting Inner Healing.

Finally, in a simple 30-day plan, you’ll be gently guided through meaningful steps that will help you banish undeserved shame, embrace comforting emotional recovery, and move forward with confident hope for your future.

Dear Friend In Need,

If you’re reading this, you have undoubtedly felt the most devastating pain a woman can experience.

The loss of your unborn child.

Whether your loss was yesterday, last month, or last year...your sadness is as much a fact of life for you today, as the sun rising each morning.

And whether your pregnancy was planned for or not...whether you have a lifelong partner, or your relationship has soured...this is not what you expected.

There are so many confused thoughts and overwhelming feelings battling inside you, it’s hard to decide which pain to deal with first.

The mental and emotional anguish...or the empty ache of your body.

And well-meaning friends and family...perhaps even your partner...aren’t exactly helping when they murmur things like...

It was God’s will.”

“Think how much worse you would feel if it had actually been born.”

Or my personal favorite...

“At least you weren’t very far along.”

It’s enough to send you screaming into the night.

And if you’re like me, right about now you might want to send out this news flash to the entire world...

You Were Not Just A "Little Bit" Pregnant, And Your Loss Is Painfully Real!

No matter if your baby died at three weeks along, or three months, your shock and grief are very much alive. And who else knows what this feels like?

I do.

Because more than your friend and helper in recovery, I am your sister. You and I are part of a family that we never expected or wanted to join.

We were born into this family the day we were forced to let go of the tiny life within us.

My name is Stacey McLaughlin.

And I truly know your pain, because I’ve been there, too.

Over eleven short months, I had two heart wrenching miscarriages...the second one cruelly occurring on my husband’s birthday.

And even though I am a highly trained licensed psychologist, I was not prepared for the earthquake of despair, self-doubt, and fear that threatened to swallow me up whole after my miscarriages.

I was shocked, stunned, and sad beyond measure. And while I was surrounded by the love of my dear husband, family and friends, many times I still felt hollow and alone.

Even through a haze of grief, I found myself wondering, “If it’s this hard for me, a trained, practicing horrible is this experience for other women to go through?”

Eventually, as I discovered a path to recovery, the “helper” part of me kicked into high gear. With the support of my loving husband Chris, I made a decision right then and there.

I would do everything in my power to make sure other women didn’t have to suffer in silence.

“I’ve never met Stacey McLaughlin but through her tender, tough, true, and touching words, I feel like I know her. Some of the things she said, most, in fact, really hit home with me and I felt like she was taking me by the hand, leading me through her book and to the self-help and inner-discovery I needed. I was not only truly touched, I was truly healed …”

Tina, 29, Miscarriage survivor

And before you go any further, I want YOU to know this with absolute certainty…

You Are Not Alone, And You Will
Recover From Your Miscarriage!

Right now, you’re like a ship adrift in the storm, frighteningly on your own to deal with your fears.

And frankly, your deep hunger for comforting answers may drive those closest to you crazy. The result? Even more isolation of your chaotic emotions that leaves you frustrated.

Just like a beacon guiding you to safety through raging seas, there’s nothing more reassuring than finding safe harbor in the darkest midnight of your life.

I’d be honored to be your guiding light.

You see, after my miscarriages, I survived by drawing on the part of me that is the analytical researcher.

I threw myself into a feverish search for answers that would lead to healing. And as you’ve probably already noticed, your miscarriage is not a subject that others want to hear about.

And what I discovered in the process not only lifted me to a level of recovery I’d never thought can do the same for you.

The wonderfully encouraging result is...

A Gentle Step-By-STep Guide That Can Support You To Emotional Recovery In Just 30-Days.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

In no way am I saying that you’ll be doing the dance of joy in 30-days, as though your miscarriage was merely a tiny momentary hiccup in your life.

What I am saying is that with “Surviving Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone,” you will gain a deeper understanding that will give you new inner peace, a healing sense of closure with your loss, and the heartfelt desire to more forward with hope.

You can can can reclaim your life.

“I really thought I was doing okay until I read Stacey’s enlightening chapters about Depression and the 5 Stages of Grieving. Not until I saw the words in print did I realize that I actually WAS grieving for the child I lost at 2 months, and that I’d been sleepwalking through life denying my intense emotions and trying to be my usual self. Admitting I was grieving opened the doorway to true recovery. Thanks Dr. McLaughlin!”

Carolyn, 41, Miscarriage survivor

“I looked everywhere for help after I miscarried at 7 weeks. I thought for sure there would be a whole shelf in the library/bookstore about what I was going through, but there was nothing. Even my friends didn’t understand the pain and grief I was experiencing. It wasn’t until I discovered Dr. McLaughlin’s book, Surviving Miscarriage, that I was finally able to find the much-needed support I’d been seeking …”

Heather, 19, Miscarriage survivor

“Before I discovered Dr. McLaughlin’s book, I truly thought I’d never get over the tremendous shock and pain of having a miscarriage. But through Stacey’s loving, experienced words I was able to find my way through the darkness and into the light. You will,
too …”

Jan, 23, Miscarriage survivor

It’s like having a caring friend take you by the hand, and hang on tight as they guide you to your own authentic and lasting healing.

And if you think about it a moment, isn’t that the greatest gift you could give? Because you will...

Honor Your Angel's Memory By Allowing Yourself To Begin Healing Now.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But there are some eternal truths of the universe. And they always seem new when they happen to YOU.

If you agree that your loss has meaning, and that your unborn child was not a random accident of nature, then you must also agree that your life is a gift.

And if your sweet angel could whisper to you now, they would beg you to allow yourself to heal.

Honor your baby, by affirming the profound meaning of their brief existence! As their budding life had meaning, so does yours. Bloom for them, by moving forward in renewed strength and hope.

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.

Here’s how you’ll take your first step to begin now.

Can you answer “YES” to any of these questions?

  • I feel guilty about my miscarriage
  • I’m afraid I’ll never have a healthy baby.
  • I’d like to know how to decide if we should try again
  • I need to know there’s light at the end of this tunnel of pain
  • I’m having anxiety attacks
  • I’m angry because no one acts like my miscarriage is a big deal
  • People around me expect me to “get over it!” on their timetable
  • I’m wondering how I’ll know if I need to seek further help with my healing
  • I’m worried about my relationship with my partner

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you’ll find the help you’re seeking in “Surviving Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone”.

In Less Than 5 Minutes, Your Healing Will Begin.

You know, there’s nothing I’d like better than to put this rich resource into the hands of every woman, and her partner, who has suffered through a miscarriage.

I’ve invested countless hours in research, and sacrificed thousands of dollars of time away from my counseling practice, to write “Surviving Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone”.

As contradictory as it may seem, this has brought me great joy. Because it’s a labor of love, that has brought the gift of healing and hope to hundreds of grieving parents.

And that’s why I’m ignoring my accountant, and have quit listening to the advice of my psychologist colleagues.

I’ve committed to a decision that will allow me to recapture some of my costs, while making this healing resource available to everyone.

That’s why with a few simple keystrokes, you’ll have “Surviving Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone” in your hands immediately as an instant download on your computer for only $29.95.

Plus, to assure you have everything you need, I’m going to include a special bonus for you.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to healing now, and order by midnight Wednesday, April 20, 2005, I’ll include a 30-Day Healing Journal for you, absolutely FREE. You’ll find it an incredibly effective way to fully realize every step of your recovery.

But here’s the best part.

I want this to be completely risk free for you. You’ve got enough to think about, without worrying about whether or not you should make this decision today.

That’s why I’m also giving you my...

100% Risk Free - Stress Free -
Guarantee Of Value

It’s very simple and easy to understand.

If for any reason you do not feel that “Surviving Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone” will help you to move forward in your healing, just drop me a quick note.

I will refund all of your money immediately, and you’ll keep your book as my gift, with my blessing.

Because I only want you to make the investment in your healing, if you truly feel my guidance will be helpful to you and your partner.

You have my word as your friend, sister, and guide.

Please, I urge you. Do not delay in finding the support, understanding, and guidance you so desperately deserve.

Make a decision now, that can bring the sunshine back into your life.

I’m eager for you to get started, because I know from personal experience, the profound difference it will make in your life.

Best wishes for your continued healing,


Dr. Stacey McLaughlin
Licensed Psychologist, State of Florida

P.S. Chapter Ten, “Insensitive Comments: How To Handle Them, And How Not to Make Them— For Friends and Family” is worth it’s weight in gold. It will help to lighten your burden immediately.

P.P.S. I’d suggest you go ahead and order now, because then you’ll receive your free 30-Day Healing Journal. You’ll be amazed at the cleansing relief you’ll feel when you use this powerful tool.

P.P.P.S. No matter what you decide, please remember this. The most meaningful way to honor your Angel, is to heal and move forward. You will find empowerment and peace that way, I promise you.

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