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What do these California home buyers know that you don’t?

Cash In On A Better Way To Purchase Your Next Home!

Discover the 2Percent2Buyers Program* and put thousands of dollars in your hands at closing, GUARANTEED!

  • It’s 100% FREE and you’re instantly eligible for the program. You’ll never have to deal with reams of paperwork or complex qualifying requirements to receive your cash rebate.
  • You’ll have FULL CONTROL of your buying process without being hounded by aggressive realtors who care more about their commissions than you finding the perfect home.
  • YOU’LL NEVER HAVE THE ADDED BURDEN OF HIDDEN COSTS, inflated commissions, or unnecessary fees that routinely come straight out of YOUR pocket when you buy your new home.
  • YOU’LL BE REWARDED for buying your home, giving you extra money for anything you want; landscaping, a hot tub, paying off bills, or a fun vacation.

Isn’t It About Time Somebody Looked Out For
YOUR Best Interests As A Home Buyer
For A Change?

Don’t make the mistake of forking over thousands of dollars in hidden real estate commissions when purchasing your next home. It’s true. Whether you know it or not, you could pay 3% to 6% HIDDEN real estate commissions, even as a home BUYER. And that means…

You Are Being Ripped Off And We’ll Prove It!

It’s simply not right, and it’s not necessary. It means you are paying too much for your new home, and lining somebody else’s pocket. And that’s the last thing you need to do. Now there’s a better way to buy your home. The 2Percent2Buyers Program is a revolutionary California home buyer’s breakthrough available to you today to protect your best interests and make you money.

Give us 5 minutes, and we’ll show you exactly how you’ll receive thousands of dollars in your pocket at closing, GUARANTEED! Take a look at the staggering savings you’ll enjoy by keying in the price of your new home in the calculator here 

And your cash rebate won’t cost you one thin dime. In fact, if we don’t deliver on our promise, WE WILL PAY YOU OURSELVES.


“A home buyer would be crazy not to use the 2Percent2Buyers program. For just a few hours surfing the internet for their dream home, they can be rewarded with thousands of dollars. This program gives home buyers a huge advantage when buying a home. It will definitely have a huge impact on our industry.”

Scott Saitman
Real Estate Broker
El Dorado Hills, CA

“No home buyer should buy a home without using the 2Percent2Buyers Program. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this simple way to get paid so much money back from the purchase of a home.”

Craig Keenon
Title Company Executive
Sacramento, CA


What is the estimated purchase price of your new home?



Your 2% Buyer's CASH BACK


Here’s How You Can Demolish Outrageous
Home Buying Fees In The Next 5 Minutes

  1. Arm yourself with the truth by signing up for instant access to our free consumer report. You’ll be shocked when you realize how California home buyers like you are overpaying for their homes!
  2. Give us 5 minutes to show you exactly how you’ll get cash back at closing. There’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever. And you’ll find out how to receive a serious pile of cash at closing when you buy your next home, no strings attached. So you see…

You’ve got nothing to lose, and thousands of dollars to gain!


Call us 24/7 at 800-359-6958.

We’ll answer all of your questions, and you’ll quickly find out how to make
smart money when you purchase your next home.

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2Percent2Buyers is a Revolutionary New California Home Buyers Program that is available to everyone.
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* Based upon traditional "Seller Paid" real estate commissions.
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