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Offline Writing Samples

Student Academic Program: Direct Mail Sales Letter

Asset Protection Report: DM Sales Letter Using Report Format

Boat Loan Report: DM Sales Letter Using Report Format

Bid On Rent: Direct Mail Lead Generator

Mortgage Postcard: Lead Generator

BBL Forum: Direct Mail Brochure*

* Pay particular attention to the member testimonials for this brochure.
They are solid gold for the client, skillfully mined from in-depth personal
interviews by Tina Writes. As you will see, the results are spectacular!

Online Samples

Two Percent : Online Sales Letter for a real estate product

Effort Free: Online Sales Letter for a self-help product

Special Needs Legal: Sales Letter for estate planning for special needs product

Compression Planning: Online Sales Letter — Business to business product

Compression Planning: Special Report — Business to business product

HealthyWealthynWise: Entire Online Sales Letter

Surviving Miscarriage: Entire Online Sales Letter

Profinacci: Online Sales Letter for a financial product

Name Squeeze: Opt-In Page for a website

Business Partnership Coaching: Online Sales Letter — Business Service

Friendly Divorce: Online Sales Letter for an e-book project

Long Ago: Online Sales Letter — Business Opportunity


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Some information about your business

Type of Business

1. List your major products/services and prices/fees (or fee range) for each.

2. What types of customers do you now have?

3. Who do you want...
more of? less of?

4. How do you get business now? (Check all that apply.)

• Cold Calls

• Referrals/Networking

• Repeat Business from Old Clients

• Yellow Pages

• Direct Mail Letters

• Advertising


• Seminars That Your Customers Attend

• Your Sales Force Provides Leads/Customers

• Trade Shows

• Other

5. Imagine you had an "automatic system" that would get customers to call/visit/write you.

a) Who would those people be? (describe them)

b) How would they contact you to let you close the sale the fastest and easiest way possible for you? (check all preferred ways)

• phone • visit • fax

• email • other

Business Growth Scenarios — choose one or more of these four:

6. Would you like more customers/clients per month paying the same amount most of your customers/clients pay now?

• Yes • No

7. Would you like the same number of customers/clients per month paying a higher amount than your typical customer/client pays now?

• Yes • No

8. Would you like the same level of business (same average payment size, same number of customers/clients) you have now, but more profit per customer/client?

• Yes • No

9. Would you like more of a certain kind of customer/client but not all types of customers/clients?

• Yes • No

Current Marketing and Sales Activity

10. Please rank, in order, the sales and marketing activities that take the most time and/or cost the most money each month. Start with the largest investment sales and/or marketing activity.

11. Which activities are the most effective now in terms of return on investment?

12. How do you know?

13. Which activities are the least effective now in terms of return on investment?

14. How do you know?

15. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= not ready, 10 = ready right now), how ready are you to invest in a customer-generating marketing system that will lower your marketing costs and increase the growth of your business?

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