A Brief Word About Terms & Conditions…

Every day I receive inquiries for my services, in fact, far more than I could ever possibly accept as clients. And frankly, I’m not for everyone. If you are not financially or emotionally prepared to seriously pursue excellence for your business, we shouldn’t waste each other’s time. However, if you are serious about monetizing your business and ready to get started…

Here are two more points that will help clarify things for you:
  • You are entitled to up to two revisions of your project within the first 30-days after completion. Revisions are tweaks and adjustments to the existing copy. They are not the addition of new materials, or a change in strategy. Major changes such as those are a new project, and incur a new fee.
  • Once the project is underway, in the unlikely event that you have a change in circumstance and decide to cancel your project before the copy is completed, there will be a 50% kill fee (50% of the entire project fee) incurred. Or at my discretion, you may be able to apply your fee to a mutually agreed upon new project.

  • PLEASE NOTE: I highly advise not scheduling a project until you are confident you are ready to move forward with your responsibilities for product creation, coordination of your team, and all necessary facets of bringing your product to market.

    Once your fee is paid and the project is on my schedule, it is your responsibility to commence with the project within the agreed upon timeline. 

    If for any reason a client fails to do so, and the entire project timeline has lapsed due to lack of action, please be advised the project fee is NOT refundable.

    This is because once I schedule a project, I do not take any other projects in place of yours. You have first priority and have paid for my time and services with your fee.

    If you do not fulfill your part of the project, rescheduling is at the discretion and capacity of my schedule.

    While I will do my best to accommodate you, I am booked months in advance. If you do not proceed with a project in the scheduled time, it is very there will be a delay if you wish to reschedule.

The good news is, by working together for the best possible outcome for your projects, we can successfully avoid any unnecessary bumps in the road. It is my experience that my clients love what I do for them, especially the profitable results.

To your massive success,

Tina Lorenz


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